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Board of Directors


Officers 2015-2016 


President - Dr. Gregory P. Grantham


Vice President 1 - Gigi Zimmerman 


Vice President 2 - Laura Davidenko 


Secretary - Mary Hulgan


Treasurer - Cindy Reimers


Talent Chair - Bob Borich 

Immediate Past President - Dr. Carolyn Wilson


Members at Large - Jan Cook, Nancy Moore, Fred Scott, Jane Wolf-Weston


Honorary Directors


Dr. John Benton

Joanne B. Cox, Ed. S.

Fred Scott 

Joyce D. Harrison 



Board of Directors



Mary Darrah

Amy Fletcher

Matt Kaminskas

Nancy Moore

Barbara Sontag

Jane Wolf Weston

Gerry Wilson 



Mike Barbour

Jim Colvin

Jim Green

Mary Ellen Reedie

Dr. Gwynelle Spell

Ann Logue Todd



Jan Cook

Laurie Dassinger

Larry Fletcher

Stefanie Gall

Jay Hall

Stacey Holliday

Fred Lindholm

Janet M. Nuckols

Victoria Stewart


Contact Info


Panama City Music Association

PO Box 133
Panama City, FL 32402





Did You Know?


The world premiere of the opera “La boheme” was in Turin, Italy, on Feb. 1, 1896, conducted by a young Toscanini.




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